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What DevSensei can do for you

Assess your current DevOps state

You first need to know what your DevOps metrics are in order to determine what improvements you’d like to make. Is your lead time high or are you lagging? What’s your release frequency? DevSensei can help you identify weak spots so that you can define areas of improvement.

Assessment of DevOps performance

Define areas of improvement and set team goals

Once you’ve nailed down where you need to improve, you can set team goals. You can activate goals that help better organise your workflow such as decreasing the issue duration or reducing slow build times.

Choose DevOps goals

Break down your goals into actionable units - use katas

It’s easy to set a goal, but actually achieving that goal can be a daunting task when taken all on its own. DevSensei breaks your team goals down into actionable units called katas that help make your goals more achievable. By breaking one large task into smaller tasks, you can incrementally chip away at your goals each day in order to achieve them by a set date.

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